LeanPlus specialises in helping companies maximise efficiencies, primarily by identifying and eliminating waste and implementing improvement opportunities across the company’s core processes. We service both the manufacturing and service industries.

Through many years of accumulated Six Sigma and Lean expertise, garnered from such blue chip exponents like Motorola and Philips, Martin Burke (Certified Lean Sigma Black Belt) delivers improvements by specifically working with and through your people, leading and showing them how to use the improvement tools.

Working with key staff we first map the “current as is” process and secondly, through Lean Sigma tools like Value Stream Mapping (VSM), we re-map and implement the “future” state (waste free, improved process). We empower your people to adopt Lean thinking and tools so they are the ones who will achieve significant, sustainable advances in performance.

LeanPlus will deliver:

  • Value Stream Map your Core business processes and eliminate any “waste” therein
  • Radically reduce handling/cycle times – watch your cycle times tumble!
  • Reduce your cost per transaction – waste elimination means sustained cost savings
  • Increase Employee Engagement – ultimately they will be the Lean Leaders
  • Increase Service Level performance – watch your KPI’s improve
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – your clients will see and “feel” the difference
  • Ultimately increase the profitability of your operation!


Our clients contract us to deliver meaningful, long lasting improvement in their organisation.

We offer a range of Services:

Martin Burke, your LeanPlus consultant will harness the people in your company to forensically breakdown and reconstruct your key processes to determine if they are set up for maximum efficiency. We begin by developing simple, customer-focused process maps and work with your staff to develop a leaner, more efficient process and finally gain approval through your in-house compliance process.

If customers are concerned that their industry is heavily regulated and process changes are frowned upon, rest assure with our approach, we take you with us every step of the way.

LeanPlus has earned a reputation for exceptional execution and delivery of services.

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